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Multicultural Truck – Recycling Ideas

More conscious consumers, learn to use waste to transform them into toys, works of art. We are also going to go deeper into the National Solid Waste Policy, which companies are creating and innovating to generate less waste for the environment.

We will understand through a virtual reality station how recycling works and how important it is for our planet. We will take the Multicultural Truck – Recycling Ideas to 10 cities in Brazil


Recycling Ideas


Among children and young people is the great environmental awareness of the next generations.

An age group sensitive to environmental concerns, with great transformative potential and aware of its role in this new society. A group that understands that in order to change the world it is necessary to learn, act and disseminate values.

The Project

Station 01 | Recycle this idea

At the first station, in front of the truck, we invited the public to register and answer a Socio-Environmental Diagnosis and entered the truck, watch a brief introduction on the topic and watch a video on “Recycle this Idea”, which will talk about the awareness of Recycling, Reassign and Conscious Consumption.

Station 02 | Laboratory The Recycling Factory

Following, the participants will pass station 2, where the theme of Recycling will be approached in practice. In this there will be totems with practical experiences that demonstrate 3 Recycling laboratories will be set up:

• Paper Recycling Experience
• Experience Reassigning Packaging:  We will show some innovations that have emerged in the packaging industry that transform plastic into recycled paper and others belong.

Station 03 | Virtual reality

At this station, PARTICIPANTS will be able to live through the Virtual Reality Station, the path that waste takes to Recycling. This video is intended to make the population aware of the recycling process.

The video starts with a family separating the garbage, and the garbage truck collecting it, talking about the process and energy that is spent until it reaches the separation and then the complete process of the raw material returning to the original, or even the process of reframing in a new product.

Station 04 | Collaborative Games

In this season the public will leave the Truck and are invited to participate in a great board game, where they are the essential pieces of the game. Students are divided into groups and will put into practice everything they have learned about Recycling and Reframing.

Station 05 | Recycling Ideas

This season we will put creativity in vogue, and transform Plastic Bottles, Paper Packaging, Product packaging into toys. We will show you how to do it: Piggy Bank, Rocket Costume, Object Holder, Bedroom Ornaments, Vegetable Gardens.

Station 06 | Theatrical Play “RECICLE – RESIGNIFY AND TELL THIS IDEA”

In this last season, we will divide the groups into two schedules per day and we will have a theatrical presentation on Recycling Ideas. A 30-minute play where we will bring all the concepts learned and the public can be part of this story.


Through the Social Environmental Diagnosis and the Satisfaction Survey we carry out an analysis of the project’s indicators. That will be demonstrated as the model on the side.

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