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In Brazil, the Ministry of Education and Environment considers it important to establish new educational models, seeking interaction between health, the environment and community development through interdisciplinary programs developed by companies that are established around schools.

The “Reassignify” project, aims to take areas of activities made from waste tires to schools and institutions around 2019, as well as to train maintainers to take care of the space and promote a reflection on the Environment through lectures for teachers and coordinators.

Interaction between Health, Environment and Community Development.


Family play can be the privileged way to establish, with the child, a rich interaction that favors a bond and that contributes to their emotional development. Play contributes a lot to the child’s development.

Through it, the teacher encourages the autonomy of each individual, favors the creation of bonds and affective development. In this way, play at this stage of education becomes fundamental, as she starts to deal with the different points of view of her colleagues and tries to solve different problems in different ways, always with the help of the teacher and respecting the rules / combined.

Identity building> Communication> Learning

Concept and Benefits

Toys - Concept and Benefits

Space developed by an artist specialized in the use of waste tires. Modular toys can be mounted in different positions and in any location, in the open or covered, on different types of floors with or without fixation. They are used to play / hit, jump, climb, slide, balance, walk on your back, sideways, allowing different combinations and assemblies.


Balance Beam

Little Colorful Elephant

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