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The Legacy Truck

The Legacy Truck was part of the program at the Ecological Park on November 23, 2019 in Itabirito, involving the local community to participate in a cultural and environmental program.

The project included a truck that was parked for 6 hours in the Ecological Park, taking contents related to the theme “water”, with an emphasis on information contextualized with the reality of the Itabirito region (MG), the importance of forests for maintaining the quantity and quality of water resources and water consumption and conservation.

About The Legacy Truck...


All activities took place in a circuit format, where everyone went through the activities, (answered the DSA – Pre-project diagnosis to measure knowledge about environmental issues) and in the end, answered a satisfaction survey.


Station 01 – Our Water

A Workshop set up at the beginning of the Circuit where people were invited to reflect on the pollution of rivers. The workshop was based on helping to clean the rivers through “conscious fishing”.

Station 02 – Water on the Planet

At the truck entrance, an information wall on the water issue in the Itabirito region, in addition to a summary of all activities and incentives to be found along the route by the truck.

Station 03 – The Water Factory

In this season, we have totems with practical experiences that demonstrate the relationship between the forest and the quality / quantity of water resources in the region.

Station 04 – Water Consumption and Conservation

In the fourth season, the different uses of water by society and crucial issues related to the conservation of water resources were addressed. There was also a television with an impactful video on the water theme, as well as information on water consumption in the Itabirito region on the wall.

Station 05 – Virtual Reality

At this station, all participants were invited to learn more about the topics covered during the project, through virtual reality glasses, three glasses with 360o videos showing augmented reality videos before leaving the truck.


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