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Make a magic show for everyone, combining circus, theater, incredible costumes, music, special effects, telling a story of how small daily habits can improve our planet such as selective collection, conscious consumption and reuse of materials. We know that art has a great power in education, because through fun we can complement what is taught at home and at school.



We will circulate in 8 cities in MT and MS (Cuibá, Campo Novo do Parecis, Sapezal, Juara, Tangará, Diamantino, Maracajú, Sidrolândia and São Gabriel do Oeste) and will serve 400/500 people in each show. We will spend three days in each city, we consider the first day for assembly, the second for presentation, the third for disassembly and roaming (with the exception of Sapezal which will be two days)

We will have two presentations on the day, we will attend in the afternoon a school or institution in the region, and the evening for the older audience is also free


Korvatunturi is a company that has enchanted more than 500 thousand people since its first season in November and December 2012, and continues to enchant thousands of spectators after having become the first great show on show all year in Gramado.

An explosive fusion of theater, dance, singing, circus techniques and virtual settings reveal an exciting show for all ages. Inspired by a Finnish legend, KORVATUNTURI which means “Mountain of the Ear” in Finnish is a show 100% original and unpublished, from the conception of the songs, lyrics, arrangements, costumes, choreography, scenarios and script. Magical and sensory, the show tells a captivating story that shows the true values ​​that must be incorporated into each person’s life so that everyone is aware of making a better Planet.

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