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Environmental Education Center – Itabirito

The Coca-Cola FEMSA Itabirito Plant’s Environmental Education Center (CEA) was built to be a space that seeks environmental education through the use of technology.

In this perspective, the center aims to raise environmental awareness of stakeholders and make them conscious of environmental issues in the region.

Inside the CEA – Itabirito

At the entrance, a QR Code is made available so that visitors can learn more about the project’s technical file, references and standards to be followed. On the right side, a panel will show all the relevant actions and certifications of the Itabirito Plant, indicating the importance of the projects carried out and how they impact  the preservation of the local environment.

Conservation Rooms

In the access corridor to the thematic rooms, all the sustainable actions and projects that were carried out in the region in recent years by the Itabirito Plant are exhibited, so that visitors will be able to learn about the  projects carried out and their benefits to the Community.

Room 1 – SDGs Room

The next generations need to be aligned with sustainable development. In this perspective, the Sustainable Development Goals  (SDGs) Room, brings the importance of the 2030 Agenda, through the educational video UN Global Goals: The biggest lesson in the world, which can be here: .

Room 2 – Conservation Units 

The Conservation Units (CU) room allows the visitor to immerse themselves in the UCs in the region. With a photographic exhibition with backlights, the highlights of the room are the Aredes Ecological Station, Serra da Moeda State Natural Monument, Serra do Rola Moça Natural Monument, Serrinha Municipal Mother Monument – Mãe d’Água and Pico de Itabirito.

Room 3 – Gamification Room

In order to promote a relaxed and educational environment, the Gamification Room contains 10 tablets connected to an environmental Quiz on the topics learned in the Center. The tablets help connect and promote a participatory and educational interaction with visitors, as well as help guarantee if there was any engagement in the exposed environmental themes.

Room 4 – Water Room

The Water Room was designed with innovative scenography and brings the theme of “Water: A Resource With a Thirst for Sustainability”. In this perspective, the Water Cycle and the availability of this resource on the planet are the main contents covered, in addition to providing practical tips on optimization and conscious use of water on a daily basis. An interactive activity invites visitors to leave tips on water reuse for others through sticky notes.

Room 5 – Waste Room

The Waste Room seeks to teach the plastic recycling cycle. To assist in the exhibition of the content, a video shows how the process of recycling this material is carried out in the cooperatives. In addition to this, the room also has a scenography which simulates the recycling process and provides an immersive experience of the steps taken in the reuse of plastic bottles.


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