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NTICS Notes > ESG: The success of a project, focused on the “G” of Governance, depends on the effective engagement of its interlocutors

ESG: The success of a project, focused on the “G” of Governance, depends on the effective engagement of its interlocutors

The fourth step is the sponsor's monitoring of the project at all stages.

In our previous article, ESG: How to choose Social Responsibility projects emphasizing the G,  Governance, in ESG, we approached the process of selecting the projects presented based on four primary criteria for NTICS, which are:

  • Connection with the SDGs;
  • Volunteers;
  • Selection and transparency;
  • Delivery and presentation.

Our purpose is to provide the means for your company to check if the project is meeting the criteria established for selection. This ensures the possibility of revisions and corrections in a timely manner before presentation.

The fourth step is focused on the importance of the sponsor accompanying the proponent from the beginning until the end of the project, following its stages. In other words, our experience has taught us that effective participation and commitment of the sponsor and the interlocutors is an important element of success.

Therefore, we can emphasize that the sponsor should be seen as a member of the project team, who is just as interested in seeing it succeed as everyone else involved.

In this sense, it is also important to work on the engagement of the project’s interlocutors to ensure their dissemination and due involvement of stakeholders. Thus, we will discuss the following points to be worked on:

1. Engaging the city and local stakeholders

The success of a project is directly related to the commitment of the interlocutors involved in the project’s execution. In many cases,  a project with everything it needs to succeed, suddenly fails halfway.

Normally, when mapping is carried out to identify the bottlenecks that undermined the project, one of the causes that had the greatest weight was the lack of engagement from partners, sponsors, and stakeholders in general.

For this reason, it is essential that the development of a project has commitment from the local government, city departments, and the effective participation of the company in this agenda.

2. Engaging the local community

This is an extremely important aspect for the success of a project. It is essential that the local community knows the project and understands the specific needs that it will be promoting in its location.

In this engagement, it is necessary to identify one or more people, so that they act in the encouragement and continuous reinforcement of the local community during the development of the project.

3. Engaging the city’s government and departments

The involvement of departments such as: education, environment, and culture of the cities is an important factor in the project. Their acceptance and the reception of their acceptance in the projects is a major success factor.

The departments will help engage students and the local community, in addition to being an existing power in the city with a great local voice.

The city may also be involved in the process. Projects happening with the support of the city hall are very well regarded and the company creates strong relations with the city hall.

When we start to work on strategic actions with groups of local stakeholders, the results are more effective. For these are the ones who will be managing and monitoring the possibilities of carrying out and implementing the project at the local level.

In view of the criteria presented, we hope that it has become clear that the success of a project only reaches the “track of success” if it has the engagement and commitment of all its interlocutors.

For this reason, NTICS believes that the realization of a project implies results that promote transformations and allow democratic access to a country’s cultural assets.

Follow our website and LinkedIn to follow this trail of knowledge. The next topic brings you step by step instructions for volunteer engagement.

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