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NTICS Notes > ESG: How to choose Social Responsibility projects emphasizing the G, Governance, in ESG

ESG: How to choose Social Responsibility projects emphasizing the G, Governance, in ESG

The third step is to select the projects that you want to put into practice.

The last article we published: “ESG: Trail of knowledge to implement in my company.”, explains the process of implementing actions in internal, external corporate practices and for the surrounding communities.

Now, the third step is to select the projects presented by NTICS to be implemented by your company.

Bearing this in mind, our methodology for selecting projects is guided by some principles, which are the basis for the achievement of our purposes and, therefore, we also use them as criteria when choosing.

1st Criteria: Connection with the SDGs

This first criteria establishes the need for projects to present, in a clear and objective way, the connection between the listed SDGs and their alignment with the organization’s strategy.

We understand that this is a decisive aspect for the selection of projects. That is, it is when we identify the harmony within the values ​​and purposes of each institution, that we propose to work with the social responsibility projects offered by NTICS.

In addition to the 169 goals, the project must indicate which ones will be prioritized according to the SDGs and the proposal to be developed should meet the prioritized SDGs of the sponsoring company.

2nd Criteria: Volunteers

The second criteria is to accept volunteers to engage the sponsor’s employees. For NTICS, this is one of the points that attests to the transparency and adherence of a project to the purposes of the SDGs.

For the United Nations (UN), in its Volunteer Manual:

“the volunteer is the youth or adult who, due to his personal interest and civic spirit, dedicates part of his time, without any remuneration, to various forms of activities, organized or not, of social welfare or other fields” .

That is why it is indisputable to develop the employee’s sense of belonging to the actions developed by the company. We must consider that the performance of the volunteers represents a differential for social transformation. In other words, it establishes and expands the reach of social responsibility actions and adds values.

3rd Criteria: Selection and Transparency

The third step is to develop clear and objective criteria for receiving the projects of everyone who participates in the selection. At this point, it is essential to ensure the transparency of each action, from the receiving of projects to the selection phase itself.

This is extremely important, as the priority factor is the G, for governance and, therefore, it is necessary to guarantee both free access to stakeholders and the security of information.

4th Criteria: Delivery and Presentation

The last criteria is aimed at finalizing the final delivery and post-project presentation. It is the moment when the sample of the results obtained in the projects is presented.

It is necessary to be attentive so that the disclosure does not create doubts about suitability, so it is important that all information that is relevant for this purpose is disclosed. A sample of pre and post project impact indicators is a very important item to be included in the project report in order to verify the impact created.

It is also necessary to take into account that the companies involved in such actions are working the “G” to increase their transparency and governance indexes.

In view of the four presented criteria, it is easy for your company to check if the project is meeting the established criteria.

We want to highlight that NTICS understands projects as a way of doing things differently and being able to positively impact the communities in which they operate. The realization of a project implies results that promote transformations and allow democratic access to a country’s cultural assets.

Follow our website and LinkedIn to continue following this trail of knowledge. The next topic presents the step-by-step process for monitoring projects.

Do you want to understand how your company can participate in the development and social responsibility movement? This initiative increases ESG rates with a focus on Social, proving that the company is truly committed to sustainability. Get in touch and discover alternatives to working for a purpose.

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